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Recent Testimonials


Karen Hirscheimer is the best therapist my husband and I have seen. She was highly responsive and saw us immediately. She was kind, compassionate and understanding in her approach. My husband and I never felt judged. She helped us to learn how to listen actively to each other, something we had not been doing. She also gave us concrete tools to help us communicate better and resolve our issues. It wasn't just talk therapy. She is practical and solution focused. My husband and I both remarked that she is extremely calm and that helped us to feel very comfortable with her. She also acted quickly. In just a few sessions, our communication, intimacy and relationship has been strengthened tenfold. She's also good at giving homework and keeping us accountable. I couldn't say enough good things about Karen Hirscheimer. You won't regret seeing her.
---D.L. & P.L.


Karen Hirscheimer is one of the best there is in this industry.  She is professional, knowledgeable well beyond her years, and has the type of passion for her customers (and the respect associated in her work) that you would only find from the industry's elite. She is extremely intelligent and understands what it takes to help and guide. I would strongly recommend her to anyone, and especially have referred very close people in my life to her. It was a blessing to have found Karen. ---S.G.


Karen Hirscheimer is an amazing therapist and one of the finest human beings we’ve ever met. She is warm, welcoming and she put us at ease right away. When we came in, we had been drifting apart for years, and had almost given up on our marriage. In just a few sessions, Karen helped us to heal from the past and provided us with communication strategies that improved our lives dramatically. We had seen other counsellors but Karen is the only one whose method yielded results that really worked. We now have a relationship that is stronger than ever. We are very very grateful. ---P.L.


Karen is by far the best therapist I have ever been too. I have seen numerous psychologists and psychiatrists that did not even come close to helping me the way that Karen has. Karen treats you as a unique individual and sincerely cares about your well-being. I would highly recommend booking an appointment with her.


Karen is a rare gem. We were impressed with her website and the reviews we read about Karen Hirscheimer Counselling so we decided to speak to her. When we initially contacted Karen by phone we were delighted with the immediate response. She addressed our questions in a calm and warm demeanor, and expressed the confidence that she could help us. We felt relieved, as well as reassured by her incredible success with having helped more than 8000 people in the city so we booked an appointment with her right away. Karen far surpassed any expectations we had. She is warm, caring, and highly effective professional. We have referred her to other friends and acquaintances and they all don’t stop raving about her! ---M.B.


Karen saved our marriage. We went through so many therapists whose methods and personalities did not fit for us. We were struck by how genuine and caring Karen is, and we got something out of each session. She clearly knows what she is doing because her no nonsense approach really works. She is a reliable and treasured resource for us, and we just wish that we had found her sooner! ---R.H.


Karen has really helped me turn around not only my marriage but my own personal life! We started going to Karen in February of 2014 when my husband and I were in a very dark place. Karen was able to help reach a place of love in our marriage again through focusing on the couple but also the individual, and getting us to a place where we both felt heard! From that initial consultation, I decided Karen was someone I would like to work with on some of my own personal issues. I suffered from lack of self esteem and had battled with an eating disorder for many years, Karen helped me to focus on so many of the positives in my life, be able to look at myself in the mirror and also to be able to let go a little easier - and for this I owe her so much gratitude. I would really recommend her! ---K.M.


I first met Karen with my wife for couple's counseling. Karen was able to stop the conflict and bring clarity and helped us move forward. I have since seen Karen for other issues, including issues associated with career, business and personal growth. Karen was able to apply her counseling skills to all three areas and has been a tremendous resource for me. ---M.M.


I never thought I could get past my husband’s infidelity.  I was crushed, humiliated and furious.  We had built a beautiful life, two amazing kids, a home in Forest Hill, and a cottage in Muskoka.  We were childhood sweethearts.  I trusted him completely.  Karen’s healing process is nothing short of miraculous.  We have not only recovered, we are actually more in love than ever.  ---K.D.


I have had problems with my anger my whole life and was on the brink of losing my job and marriage.  Karen turned things around for me by giving me new perspectives and concrete strategies in three sessions.  I strongly recommend her.  She is an outstanding therapist.  ---A.P.


Karen helped us understand how to communicate in a way that helped us feel like a real loving couple again.  We had been stuck for years in bad habits and old destructive patterns.  She helped in a way that was easy and even fun.  We looked forward to our visits with her and will miss her.  ---D.H & G.L.



I first met Karen Hirscheimer with my wife for couples counseling. Karen focused on us as individuals and helped us to understand our own issues and how they affected the relationship. She was able to stop the conflict and bring clarity and a vision to our relationship. Both my wife and I feel secure in the fact that as issues arise, we can call on Karen to help and guide us through. ---M.M. & M.H.


Having never seeked counseling before I really didn't know what to expect. I am forever grateful to making that initial telephone call to Karen.  She really listened to the issues and guided my husband and I towards saving our relationship. We are moving forward. ---R.F.


Karen Hirscheimer has helped me find my inner peace and guided me in a positive direction through my struggles. She is very understanding and empathic and I couldn't have asked for any better treatment than hers. ---J.P.


My wife and I met with Karen and found her approach and guidance sound and practical. She understood our situation and gave us practical advice. We are moving forward with additional sessions and seeing the benefits.

Karen is an extraordinary therapist and I hope this testimonial helps others to find her. I went to her Avenue Road and 401 office and was warmly greeted by her staff. I am amazed at how Karen helped me lose the excess weight I’d been carrying for years. I feel great and intimacy has never been better. This is truly a first-rate professional. I plan to continue to see her and have referred her to several close friends. I can’t wait to read her books. ---P.C.G.


Karen is an exceptional counselor. Her empathetic manner and objective unbiased view regarding deeply personal issues is a rare talent. Session after session one leaves with a noticeable and impactful sense of progress. Having seen her years ago and still retaining a lasting impact on the views and inner feelings she uncovered and the life changing realities she was able to refocus have stayed with me to this very day. Would highly recommend her compassionate therapy to anyone. ---A.B.


Karen helped me get through a very difficult time in my life. I was having problems at home and at work and Karen was able to help me find the root of the problems. I am glad to say that I am extremely happy now in all areas of my life. She was empathetic and very helpful throughout the whole process and actually wanted to help me figure things out quickly as opposed to trying to keep me as a permanent client. I highly recommend Karen for any problem you may be experiencing! ---R.S.


I always had difficulties in my relationships, but never understood why. Karen has given me the guidance and understanding that was missing from my life. I found Karen to be very comforting, calm, well spoken, and extremely wise. I can honestly say that I am now comfortable with intimacy for the first time. While successful in other parts of my life, my relationships always lagged behind. I had begun to think that I just wasn't cut out for love. I felt lonely and confused. Karen's views on relationships and how to navigate through the tough parts make sense. I am now in a happy committed relationship. I can't believe it! ---S.R.


Karen made me feel comfortable from the beginning, and treated me with compassion, support, and respect. I found her easy to trust and extremely capable. My experience with Karen was completely transformative, as she helped me heal the childhood wounds that were ruining my marriage. I now feel more empowered, confident and happy with my life and relationship. Karen is worth every penny. ---J.B.


After having several sessions with Karen I found her to be very fair and honest. The sessions have been helpful and constructive. I would rate my experience as being very positive. ---A.L.


Karen is a very empathic and insightful therapist. My wife and I have seen Karen regarding a number of issues which have negatively affected the quality of our relationship. Karen's solution focused approach gave us excellent feedback which immediately improved our level of communication, trust, and intimacy. Karen is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. Our relationship has never been stronger. Thank you Karen!! ---G.S.


Karen's down to earth, no non-sense approach really helped.  Working with her has helped me gain a better understanding of myself and my relationships with others.  She is insightful and has been a genuine help when working with her in couples and individual counselling.  I would recommend her to others as her professional and genuine approached made a world of difference to me.  --- J.N.P.


Karen Hirscheimer is an excellent couples therapist.  She gave us immediate and actionable feedback to help us over a rocky patch in our marriage.  We have been together for over twenty years and have three children, but lately we have drifted apart and lost the closeness and intimacy in our relationship.  With Karen's help, our relationship is now as strong as it's ever been.  Karen's insight, experience, and easy going manner have made her a pleasure to work with.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with their relationship.  I can't thank you enough Karen!! ---C.B.