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  • cp24
    When Couples Drift Apart

    Karen offers five great strategies for reconnecting.




  • BMO
    Karen takes on comedian Mike Bullard

    Hilarious interview where Karen discusses intimacy issues and solutions.




  • BMOStaying Happy Together During Retirement audio

    Listen to award winning journalist Pamela Wallin's interview with Karen Hirscheimer on how to prepare your relationship for your retirement years.



  • BMO
    Between You and Me

    CBC Radio host Josey Vogels gets Karen's take on how partners need to be sensitive to each other's timing around resolving differences.



  • Elle
    Marriage Checklist
    : Are your ready to say "I do"? article

    Karen's "Elle" article interview answers the question: "Are you ready to tie the knot?"



  • Wedding Bells
    Pre-Wedding Jitters: Are they Normal?

    An interview with Karen in "Wedding Bells" magazine helps you understand pre-wedding butterflies - are they normal or have they raised a red flag?



  • Today's Paren
    Planning to have a baby down the road? How to be ready
    . article


    Karen's interview in "Today's Parent" focuses on bringing a child into the world - something that changes every couple's life. What should you be thinking and talking about with your partner?



  • CTVnews
    How couples plan to use an extra hour of sleep after Daylight Savings Time. video

    Karen provides a TV interview on how the lack of sleep can affect a couples intimacy needs.



    How to have an extraordinary relationship audio

    Listen to Karen's talk about the seven keys to an extraordinary relationship which was delivered to senior executives at the Young Presidents' Organization.



  • Today's Paren
    Depression and Relationships. article

    Karen talks about how a partner's depression can impact the health of the relationship or marriage.



  • StarFighting Fair article

    Karen expresses her views how couples can effectively resolve their disagreements.



  • Globe and Mail
    I do...just no dishes
    . article

    Want your man to help out around the house? Karen is interviewed in "The Globe and Mail" about how to divide up household chores.


  • Toronto Sun

    How the lack of sleep can affect a couple's sex life and relationship. article


    Karen weighs in on how sleep habits impact a couple's romantic and intimacy needs.


  • Glow

    Three ways to keep the romance alive
    . article

    Talking about sex can help and Karen offers her point of view on why it is important and what couples can do to get the romance back.


  • Life Peak

    Do separated lovers have an equal chance of surviving. article


    Karen gives the lowdown on how to survive a long distance relationship.


  • GazetteAre men narrowing the chores gap at home? article

    The question: "Should household chores be divided up equally?" is addressed by Karen in this article.


  • Elle
    Marriage Mistakes

    Read Karen's tips on what your relationship needs before it's your turn to say "I, do."


    Sleep versus sex
    radio interview

  • Listen to Karen's interview about how couples plan to use the extra hour gained after Daylight Savings time - is to be used for extra sex or extra sleep?


    I Do, Again

    Read Karen's interview about succeeding in a second marriage.