Karen Hirscheimer Counselling

Emotional and Physical Well-Being

I can bring you a new way of seeing your life and help you find a place of calm balance.

Your emotional and physical well-being is an important part of your life that needs to be looked after and protected. 














Common Questions about Coaching

My professional assistance provides confidential help with the following:

Dealing With Anxiety and Emotions

Feeling stressed, anxious, irritable or down for an extended period of time can become a heavy burden. These states, left unattended, can lead to unwanted results such as excessive worry, trouble sleeping, low energy, decreased motivation, and other problems at work and at home.

My framework enables you to get more control over all parts of your life, live calmly and achieve better results.


Anger Management

Anger is a natural response to feelings of violation. We all have different ways of dealing with injustices and undeserved painful experiences. Sometimes our old ways of coping further exacerbate the problem. Whether it is fiery anger outbursts or walled off silent scorn, these can add unwanted complications at home and at work. I can work with you to find a way to express your anger in ways that strengthen, rather than diminish your relationships with others.

I also offer an effective, short-term program for court-mandated anger management counselling and will provide a letter certifying completion of the course of treatment to your lawyer.


Weight Management

A large segment of our population battles with weight control day in and day out. Weight reduction plans and surgical alternatives can be painful or temporary. I can guide you, step-by-step, through a new and painless counseling approach that offers a long-term solution and enhances every other part of life as well. Clients I have worked with have lost in excess of 150 lbs. in six months.


Life Transition

Significant loss, such as separation or divorce, job termination or the passing of a loved one, marks a time of transition in life.

When this happens, you may experience a range of emotions, such as shock, sadness, anger and maybe even uncertainty about what the future will bring.

The physical loss does not necessarily mean that the attachment vanishes. Taking time to grieve and make personal meaning of the loss can be an important part of the healing process. I can support you through this period and help you adjust to your new circumstances.


Personal Growth

Even if you are not currently experiencing unmanageable stress, I can show you how to strengthen relationships, define and achieve your goals or just make a good life even better.