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Pre-Marital Counselling

Having a great relationship is as much "an art" as it is a science. Like any other serious endeavor, one can acquire the understanding and know how to master the art of "being a couple." While many people assume that relationships should happen naturally, things do work better when you have a roadmap to the future and a vision of how your relationship is going to work. I can help you co-create the relationship of your dreams.

It is also normal to face challenges that seem insurmountable from time to time. I can teach you how to resolve any issue that arises so that you can protect and enjoy your life together.

I invite you to read my "10 keys" for a successful relationship and to listen and peruse other resources on this page that relate to you and the common situations that many couples face together.

I offer counselling for pre-marital and committed relationships in Toronto and provide professional and caring assistance. Call 416-518-8772 to find out more about getting help.


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