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I offer immediate, unbiased and professional couples therapy and individual counselling for any challenge you may be facing in your relationship or other life circumstance.

I have been a comforting resource and reliable guide for thousands of struggling couples and individuals, many of whom have felt stuck, frustrated, alone and upset. I offer a 100% success rate for clients who bring goodwill and commitment to the process.

My unique approach offers remarkably efficient and thorough results.

I look forward to working with you.


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"Thank you for saving our relationship."
---K.R. & V.V.

"We were steps away from divorce when we came in and thanks to you, we've rediscovered the magic in our marriage."
- -P.M. & D.M.

"Thank you Karen. We came in feeling more like roommates than a couple. Our relationship has not only improved, it has surpassed what it ever was -- even in the beginning!"
- -M.M. & J.M.

"I've been to a lot of therapists who seemed to be going through the motions. You actually care and that is special."
- -E.P.

"I just wanted to thank you for the part you played in resolving the issues between us. I know it was only a few sessions, but something great happened with your help and we have been getting along great since we last saw you. We have both been working at the relationship and have really found new ways to communicate and express ourselves. Life has been really amazing since we worked together to resolve our problems. I drive past your office on the 401 twice a day, and every time I think to myself how lucky we we were to have found you. We really appreciate all you did for us."
--- B.M and A.M.

"The experience was insightful, liberating and empowering, We are excited about the future again."
--A.K. & A.K.

"Karen gets down to the point right away and provides excellent feedback. I felt better after one session."

"My husband and I, for the first time in a long time feel better about our marriage. We now have new hope.
--- C.M.

"Our sessions have drastically changed the quality of life and have enriched all of my relationships."
--- D.H.

"You helped me put everything in perspective and get back on track and focus on what was most important. These sessions were invaluable to me."
--- M.R.

"Your support and wisdom have helped me immeasurably. Thank you so much for all of the guidance and effort you've put in to assisting me in making the right choices and decisions. I feel I've had some real epiphanies as the result of our sessions, and that I am a stronger and more compassionate person as a consequence. I am very glad I happened to find you! You are a very caring, empathic person and I greatly respect your mind as well as your professional abilities."

"Coming in, I never thought we could ever survive his affair but thanks to you we've not only recovered our relationship, but it is actually better than it's ever been."
--- S.M.

"Thank you for all your understanding and support."
--- E.P.

"My life had hit rock bottom and I was on the verge of a breakdown. In just a few sessions I've stopped my incessant worrying and have given up drinking and my wife is happy with me again. I even topped the company record with the highest sales this month. I can actually finish things now and life seems much easier. I can honestly say I'm happy for the first time. I'm finding life more fulfilling and I'm more engaged and people are noticing."
--- H.K.

"Thank you very much for your support and what you said. I repeated your feedback to many people and it was particularly helpful for dealing with new developments in my life."
--- A.T.